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Le Dream

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Dec. 7th, 2006 | 06:24 am
posted by: mistytsim in mistytsimsdream

In my dream I was a part of Grey's Anatomy, but it wasn't a show, it was my life. I was friends with everyone, and I lived in the house with all of the folks.

It was my birthday, and they had planned this big formal party at Joe's, and I was really excited. We were all leaving the house, but then someone's younger sister was there, and they weren't going to let her go. I told her it was my birthday, and if she wanted to come, she could. I was thinking "You'd better not dress like a skank." and she came out wearing a very beatiful platinum skirt and a lilac sweater. She looked beautiful. We got in Meredith's car and went to the bar.

Once I got there, I thought they might do something when I came in, but no one did anything. There was nothing. The place wasn't even decorated. As I was walking over to my friends, I overheard someone saying "Some friendless chick is having a party. They asked me to come, but I have no idea who she is." I tried to smile at him, and he made some sarcastic comment to me.

As I went up to my friends, they had no time for me. They were mingling with other people, and I felt like I was getting in their way. I went over to the bar to help the little girl, and she needed to get into her mother's bank account, and it turned out she was Meredith's little sister. I helped her get some money by talking to someone, and then the party was over. Some people were lingering, and they said, generically to whomever was listening "Happy Birthday!" And I got loud and said "Oh, happy birthday? Who's birthday is it? You didn't talk to the birthday girl once. So, tell me, who is it who had a birthday? Who is it? Who's friends desereted her on her birthday, and couldn't even do what she wanted to do on her birthday? Who's friends FORGOT her birthday was actually a week ago? Get the hell out of here." My friends tried to talk to me, and I was leaving and they were following me. I purposfully said "I'm trying to storm away. That doesn't work if you follow me." and then left. I woke up feeling so hurt and crying.

I guess I might have some unresolved feelings about my birthday, huh?

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