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Mar. 5th, 2006 | 09:25 am
posted by: mistytsim in mistytsimsdream

Abby and I were on a Submarine, and I don't know if it was because we were in the Navy or not. Our cabins (I'm not sure if that's the correct nautical term) were right next door to one another. People were coming on board for a bit to say goodbye to us, and I was very worried that Adam would come. I went to Abby's room, because she told me I could borrow something from her. But if she was asleep, I needed to be quiet. I went into her cabin to get the thing, as it was on a shelf above her head. When I went to reach for it, she said "Damn it, I thought I told you not to wake me up!" And I said "You said I could come get this, Abby!" and then she told me she was kidding, and she likes to see my scared face. I called her a hooker, and then she asked me to help her change her dressing. I helped her to lay on her right side, so I could take a look at the left side of her body. From her waist to her hip was totally black, and I was a little schocked when I saw it. But then I went into Medical Misty Mode, and fixed her up as well I could, and gave her some IV Meds. She asked me about Adam, and I told her I didn't really want to see him. She said I could hide out in her room, since no one but Medical staff were allowed in there. We watched MST3K until the meds made Abby sleepy, and then I went back to my bunk and took a nap, in the which I had a dream.

THAT dream was that I was with Burt Reynolds and some other actors. We were on horses, and I was on bearback, as the saddles had been put away. We were in water that alomst reached the horses belly and the wind was blowing pretty well. I was making my horse just stand there, in the water, as the wind came from my left. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the breeze more than I thought I would. I was like it was taking away all the bad anything I had: stress, emo pain, physical pain, etc.

All of a sudden Burt goes off asking "is this the Deliverance river? It looks like it is!" and we all tell him yes, it is, and he finally quites down. I pull my horse up to his and I said "With as farked up as that movie was, Burt, one would think you'd remember something like that!"

As I was talking with him, my horse, who had positioned us to stand near some motorcycles, hit one of them with his nose and it tumbled over. The owner of the bike came up to us, and someone opened up a can of chew and said "I'm sorry." I asked the man if he wanted to ride on one of our bikes to make up for it. He said he would, but only if he could take her. And he pointed to an American Indian Dwarf who was part of our entourage. I didn't like the idea, but she came over and said she'd be back soon.

I got off the horse and my back and tail bone were hurting. I handed the reins to someone else, and I went upstairs. It was a hotel, but the part we were in had it's on large kitchen, and there was a woman in there making pancakes and putting them on plates next to halves of grapefruit. I asked "Momma, is anyone helping you?" "No honey." "There are 25 people here to feed! Let me help you!" "No ma'am. You git 'n take a bath. By the time you're done, we can all eat and git on the road."

I went into the bathroom, and it was literally a BATH room. I was just starting to take my clothes off when I woke up.

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