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College Dream

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Nov. 19th, 2005 | 05:44 am
posted by: mistytsim in mistytsimsdream

My dream last night had me going to college. I am pretty sure it was the BYU, but not really, because I had a male roommate, and it was my friend from NoVa who's a cop. He was on the side of the room that had the door, and I was on the oposite side.

There was a very long table that I thought our computers could go on, and since the BYU was providing us with computers, too, I thought we could have this great little drone farm.

When I was walking out of the room, I had a ring on my left finger. I guess we were married.

Near the end of the dream, there was a book that had everyone's picture in it, and their sign. It was so cheesy and so BYU that I got upset with the idea and tossed the book.

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